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October 20, 2014








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Children in Disasters, a NOAA Weather Radio Project in Johnson County

A special project being called “Children in Disasters” was brought to the attention of the Johnson County Health Council by Melissa Taylor from the Emergency Preparedness Division of the Northeast Tennessee Regional Health Office.  It was discovered that licensed child care facilities in Northeast Tennessee were well prepared for many emergencies but few had shelter plans in place and even fewer had weather alert radios.  Ms. Taylor explained that the goal of this project is to have a weather alert radio in every licensed daycare within Northeast Tennessee. 

The Johnson County Health Council jumped at this opportunity and began discussion about how to fund this project in Johnson County.  Discussion included providing a radio to each licensed child care facility, faith-based pre-schools, and the community center in Johnson County. Several funding ideas were discussed and the health council facilitator began the process of investigating those suggestions.  First Christian Church (represented on the health council) was asked to be the fiscal agent for a grant to fund this project.  The board of First Christian Church was so excited about the project idea they voted for the church to fund the project.  The weather radios were then purchased at Norm’s TV.  Mr. Jason Blevins, Johnson County EMA Director, programmed the radios for Johnson County and then he, along with Mike Sumner and Angie Stout delivered them. 

If you would like more information about the Johnson County Health Council please contact Angie Stout at the Johnson County Health Department at (423) 727-9731.  If you would like more information about Emergency Preparedness please contact Jason Blevins or Mike Sumner with Johnson County Emergency Management at (423) 727-2507. 

The Johnson County Health Council would like to thank First Christian Church for their support in making this project possible and Johnson County Emergency Management for their assistance and support with this project.